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the third era

This page is generated on-demand, so it always prints the current state of the draft.

The book, including its 37 pages of references, has about 425 pages when printed at the conventional book-approximation of 25 lines per page, 5-inch lines, in 12-point type. Most Internet Explorer versions and the Safari browser for PC will crash when asked to handle so many pages. The only browsers found to work (not tested on Macintosh) were Firefox and Opera.

With Firefox or Opera, use your browser print controls to print the book from this page. The default margins give approximately 25 lines per page; they can be changed in Firefox's page setup (Opera's print options). Select print preview and make any other modifications to the margins, headers, and footers before using your keyboard or the browser print command.

All of the print commands will run slowly because there are so many pages.