Download Think Unix (Que Consumer Other) 2000

Download Think Unix (Que Consumer Other) 2000

sustainable development and the race against climate change

by Simone Thomas FKA Beryl Magilavy contact

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Climate change

is the greatest threat ever faced by civilization, and its advent will create a major turning-point in history: a third era. The only hope for slowing it down?

Download Think Unix (Que Consumer Other) 2000

by Gilbert 3.8

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From the table of contents

Life at the Top of the Palatine, Rome,
at the Dawn of the Second Era

Corruption in Business and Government - Institutional Inefficiency - Government that Operates for the Few, Rather than the Many - The Balance of Power between Social Classes - The Survival of Culture under New Conditions


A Diplomatic Dinner in Paris,
at the Dawn of the Third Era, the Beginning of Climate Change

The History and An Overview of the Science of Climate Change - Projections by the Met Office and the Stern Report - New Technology

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Anti-corruption Consulting and a Flirtation in Berlin

Tools for Reducing Corruption - An Example of Corrupt Activity in Local Government


The Roman Quaestor and the Historian

The Importance of Local Government Participation - The Balance of Factions in a State - The Public Harm Done by Corruption - The Commonwealth as Most Stable Form of Government - The Power to Accuse and Impeach


Hansen for Lunch in Vienna

Vienna's History - Sustainable Development Defined and Its Debt to the Indians of the USA - The Distribution of Political Power in a City - Vienna's 1978 Anti‑nuclear Power Campaign


The Eiffel Tower at Sunset and a Walk on the Seine

Wrong and Incomplete Information Hampering Climate‑change Action - The Organized Effort to Deny the Science - The Need for Investigative Reporting - The GNP's Lack of Attention to the Social Value of Economic Expenditures


A Tutorial Stroll in Springtime, Vienna

The History of the Sustainable Development Movement - Accountability, Auditing, and a Participative Planning Process - International Agreements on Sustainable Development - Vienna's Sustainable Development Programs


Art and Skill in Government, at Lunch in Sienna

Sienna's History - ISO and EMAS Certification - Local Characterization of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Didactic Civic Artwork - The Local Nature of the Climate Change Challenge - Machiavelli on History and Governance


In Renaissance Sienna,
Machiavelli's Observations on Government

The Balance between Factions - The Challenge of Establishing Civic Equality - Instituting Reform of a Corrupt Government - The Difficulties of Making Changes in the Way Government Is Run


A Disconcerting Encounter at the Roman Baths

Who Most Effectively Runs a City - The Importance of Long‑term Political Vision - The Broad Public as Decision‑makers - The Importance of Allies and of Follow‑up Assessments - Policy to Preserve the Environment


Dinner on the Left Bank: a Parisian Couple Reunited

The Paris Climate Action Plan - The Heat Wave that Caught Their Attention - The City's Agenda 21 Public Information Process - The Philosophic and Political Bases of the Planning Process and Its Implementation - Paris's Political and Social History - The Parisian Climate Agency - The Difference between the Climate Plan and the Agenda 21 Process


Berlin to Hamburg in a Mercedes, with Lunch

Hamburg's History - Allocating Funding for Climate Change - Sustainable Development Public Education Programs - The Cultural Underpinnings of Sustainable Development


Planning Colleagues' Lunch in a Siennese Villa Garden

Sienna's Political History - Adoption of the Aalborg Declarations - Public Information on Agenda 21 Issues, Particularly Agriculture and Tourism - Sienna's Progress Report on Sustainability Indicators - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Dangerous Talk in Renaissance Florence
with the Medici Back in Control

The Power of the Individual versus Government - The Political Situation of the Northern Italian City‑States - The Nature of Political Repression - Whether a Prince or the People Are More to Be Trusted - Who Best Determines What Is in the Public Welfare - The Importance of a Shared Set of Civic Values


Conversation with the Empress in a Villa outside Rome

The Good of the Individual Inseparable from the Good of Society - Equity and Social Fairness, Peace, Social Cohesion, and Civility - Public Speaking and Logical Fallacies - The Dangers of Advertising - The Distraction of Celebrity - The Importance of Participation in Civic Life


Teaching the Tutor in Stockholm

Stockholm's History and Present Government - The Swedish Educational System - Stockholm's Program for Environmentally Friendly Building Materials - Agenda 21 Work on Public Education - Programs for Cutting Greenhouse‑gas Emissions


Old Friends Talk New Planning in Barcelona

Barcelona's Solar Thermal Ordinance - Photovoltaics and the Plan to Increase Renewable Energy Use - Open Space and Biodiversity Programs - The Innovation District - One Percent for Solidarity and Promotion of a Culture of Peace


A Transatlantic Exchange of Ideas
Over Lunch at the Bode Museum, Berlin

Germany's Zero‑waste Program and Packaging Ordinance - Reducing Corruption in Local Government - Anti‑corruption Agencies, Accountability, Audits, and Ombudsmen - Investigative Reporting - Participative Democracy - The Agenda 21 Process in Berlin - What Can Go Wrong with Participative Democracy Processes


The Urgent Need for Action on Sustainable Development

Public Policy Based on Good Information - Equitable Participation in Policy‑making and the Economy - Long‑term Sustainable Development Planning - Accountable Government - Leadership

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